What’s New in Our Latest Release?

07 Apr 2021

eSight® 2021 R1 launched last week packed with new features and enhancements in response to requirements of energy professionals across all sectors to assist them in addressing the evolving energy management needs of industrial and commercial business. While this release includes multiple exciting updates, this article will focus on three new key features. 

1. More power to the dashboard

eSight’s FM dashboard is the central location where users view their most critical energy data. In our continued effort to improve user experience we have made several enhancements to the facilities dashboard offering additional filtering, display and usability enhancements.

IoT data information can be viewed in the dashboard providing a quick and easy way to keep track of key indicators for the incoming data. Widgets provide metrics at a channel level.

Information is displayed showing a channel summary and a meter summary. The data can be shown as line charts, bar charts and pie charts. This enables users to instantly gauge the success of IoT data acquisition.

Meter Summary Chart

A new League Table section can be created and displayed in the FM dashboard. Graphics can be set up to show the best and worst performing sites. This can be configured to show the top 5 or the top 10 of each category.

League Table of top and bottom performing meters

Finally, with dashboards, to improve the filtering capabilities, tags can now be used at the widget level making it easier to sort and display the data you want to see.

2. New Wizard to create and edit Regression Models en masse

Single and multi-regression models have been a staple in eSight® for a while and have proved a powerful tool for predicting consumption for a data point in relation to other variable key sets of data. Previously regression models would need to be created one at a time which could be time consuming if a number of models were needed at once. However, a key feature of this latest release sees the implementation of a regression wizard which not only makes it easier and quicker to create your regression models but also allows you create and edit hundreds of regression models en masse.

MVR Wizard - Set the dependent meters
MVR Wizard - Set the independent variables
MVR Model Validation

As well as an enhanced user interface, the wizard reduces the number of steps needed to produce your regression models and acts as a useful guide with timely prompts to help you set up your regression models quickly and accurately. With improved graphical representation of a model’s statistics, this powerful predicting tool just got more compelling and will be a widely adopted forecasting tool.

3. IoT Reporting

Finally, as IoT data exchange becomes more universal, eSight® has been updated to accommodate and report more extensively on this functionality. Users can now create a dashboard detailing the following metrics; Successful messages, Parse errors, Import errors and authentication errors. Similarly, a meter summary report will account for new readings, updated readings, duplicated readings and deleted readings. Both summary reports can be displayed in graphical and table formats on the FM dashboard making this data easily available.

IoT Channel Log Summary

To find out more about eSight® Energy’s powerful energy management software you can contact the sales team to discuss your energy goals.

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