What’s New in our Latest Release? 3 Game Changing Updates

01 Oct 2019

eSight® 2019.5 features three game changing updates: a complete re-design of our Facilities Management (FM) Dashboard, the introduction of the eSight® App for Android and iOS and a new Excel Plug-In.

The FM Dashboard is the central location for users to view all their most critical energy data in one location; visually stunning and navigationally superior, users will find the ability to switch, view and drill down to key data simpler than ever before. The long-requested eSight® App for mobile devices allows users a simplified way to enter manual data in a game changing new interface. The new Excel Plug-In allows users to access the power of eSight® in Excel. The Excel Plug-In offers an intuitive user interface and powerful built-in in functions that aid using data in your workbooks staring out of eSight®.

FM Dashboard:

Configuring Dashboards Made Easy

The eSight® FM Dashboard is the only energy dashboard available that significantly reduces repetitive and time-consuming configuration of dashboards on mass. Individual dashboard creation for every user is a thing of the past. You can now centrally configure dashboards at the master level with the ability to drill down into different companies, meters and time periods in global settings at the click of a button. This means you can use the preconfigured dashboards, keep the same widgets and layout but can change the data source feeding into the dashboard.

Custom Displays That Fit Your Needs

The eSight® FM Dashboard offers unrivaled customisation to view key energy data that fit your energy management needs. The grid-based layout enables you to drop widgets such as overall charts, interval charts, lists and numeric displays anywhere on the page. The widgets can be resized and formatted in any position on the dashboard and enable you to specify a data source such as Data Imports, Alarms, Data Quality and Analysis. There are also several dark and light color schemes that can be customised to fit your corporate branding. Report, display and analyse your energy data with the sleekest, functionally rich dashboard option on the market.

eSight® for Excel®

Instant Data Exchange

eSight® for Excel® enables you to instantaneously exchange energy data from eSight® to Excel in a way that’s most comfortable and familiar to you. Easily connect to eSight® for Excel® by downloading the add-in and then entering your eSight® system URL along with a valid username and password.

You can intuitively select interval, degree days and budget types in one interface. Data can be downloaded by navigating to the information required, choosing the output (i.e. meter data, cost data, etc.) and clicking Load. A range of configuration parameters are additionally presented, so little to no training on this application is typically required by confident Excel® users. Users can view all functions stored in the file and can remove, edit, move and highlight the function cell range at the click of a button.

With the power of eSight® for Excel®, you can instantly download company, site, meter information and data and other key information directly from eSight® to Excel®. The revamped interface makes retrieving the data you need an extremely quick and easy task.

eSight® App | Mobile App for Android & iOS

Putting the Power of eSight® in Your Pocket

The eSight® App is the first generation in a series of future releases that focuses on putting the power of eSight® into your pocket. The app builds on the ability to connect an eSight® system to a personal device. This opens the door for new innovative ways for you to access, analyse and report on your energy data.

This first generation of the eSight® App enables manual entry of meter data and QR Code scanning that instantaneously synchronises from your mobile device to the values stored against a meter in your eSight® system. The app can also be used in an offline mode. Once the app is switched back to online, all the meter data you just scanned or entered is automatically synced to your eSight® system.  

The app is available for iOS and Android supported devices and can be downloaded from the App Store (iOS devices) and from Google Play (Android Devices).

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