Veolia use eSight® as a central tool for its Hubgrade offer

05 Jan 2016

Interview with Rachid Hamida, Head of Tools & Methods Department at Veolia.

What is your role at Veolia?

Being part of the Group Technical and Performance Management Board, I am in charge of the deployment of Core Business Digital solutions within our operating units worldwide.

What does Veolia do?

Veolia group is the global leader in optimized resource management. With over 179,000 employees worldwide, the Group designs and provides water, waste and energy management solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of communities and industries. Through its three complementary business activities, Veolia helps to develop access to resources, preserve available resources, and to replenish them.

What does Veolia’s Hubgrade offer entail?

Hubgrade is a hypervision system and a management service that combines intelligence and interactivity to control the efficiency of buildings and infrastructures.

Hubgrade is an innovative and strategic project at the center of Veolia’s missions in terms of energy efficiency in order to achieve large-scale energy savings, reduce CO2 emissions while ensuring the best quality of service to Veolia’s Customers and Partners. 

What are the benefits of Hubgrade?

Hubgrade is a genuine regional “intelligence” center which combines the rapidity of information technologies with a targeted capacity to intervene on the ground using Veolia technicians working in contact with customers.

Designed as a truly integrated management platform, Hubgrade allows the real-time collection of data and their analysis by Veolia’s best experts via a digital network. In terms of energy efficiency for buildings, Hubgrade generates up to 15% of additional energy savings in comparison to existing energy services available on the market.

Who is Hubgrade aimed at?

Hubgrade is firstly aimed at the development of our Energy Efficiency contracts, whether it may be for the development of Energy Services offers for buildings or Industrial Utilities.

In which countries is Hubgrade offered?

Since its launch at Veolia in November 2014, we have already deployed the Hubgrade in 8 countries (Brussels (Belgium), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Milan (Italy), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Dublin (Ireland), Stockholm (Sweden), Sydney (Australia) and Kosice (Slovakia)).

How does eSight® sit within this offer?

eSight® has been qualified as the central tool for data integration, energy analysis and reporting.

What were the selection criteria in the choice of the eSight® software?

We chose eSight®, among other solutions on the market, for several reasons. The first relates to the multitude of analyses natively available in the software package which enables us to achieve significant time savings and allows us to refocus on our core business.

Another criteria, of great importance, is the intuitive and easy-to-use interface that simplifies the various stages of transition and facilitates our users to take ownership of the solution.

How do you manage the deployment of eSight® across the Group?

eSight®, as the solution adopted by the Group and driven by the Headquarters, has allowed us to bring together all countries around the same practices, and standardise our reporting offerings, whether they are analytical reports used by our operational team or contractual reports for our Customers.

As mentioned above, Hubgrade is operational in 8 countries, the management of time zones and the multilingual capabilities of eSight have been decisive elements to ensure the deployment of the solution and ownership by our users.

What is the added value for Veolia?

Thanks to the eSight’s deployment within Hubgrade, we have access to a digital platform that collects all the information of our operating sites in real-time and full details. This information is then consolidated, and allows for the creation of operational indicators whose purpose it is to assess the proper functioning of equipment, and if not, trigger alerts and respond effectively and quickly.

What relationship do you have with eSight® Energy?

Early in the deployment of eSight®, we wanted to develop a partnership with eSight® Energy. A better understanding of our needs is an opportunity for eSight® Energy to enrich the product and to deliver solutions according to our operational needs. In addition to the Annual User Conference, we are regularly invited to the technical and functional workshops to contribute to the development of the application roadmap.

More information about Hubgrade:

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