Public Sector Energy Management Software

The Public Sector faces ongoing challenges in carbon, water and waste reduction. There are huge opportunities for the sector to save costs and reduce environmental impact by identifying energy waste and taking action to make improvements. As a major employer, the Public Sector can also achieve significant savings by engaging staff in energy-saving initiatives. The eSight software provides the platform to meet these challenges, with analysis tools to identify where buildings can be more efficient, as well as engaging, interactive dashboards to promote behavior change.

Within this sector, it is often critical to have solutions that are confined within the internal network. eSight’s “install to site” Enterprise solution, provides Public Sector customers with a secure way to use eSight according to internal regulations.

How does the Public Sector typically use energy?

Why is eSight the perfect solution for the Public Sector?

  • Integrate with existing systems (Smart Meters, BAS etc.) and replicate internal infrastructures to monitor the energy performance of every building within a portfolio
  • Identify energy usage and track waste with comprehensive energy analysis
  • Encourage personnel buy-in with interactive, informative dashboards to monitor progress by site, building or department
  • Compare individual sites, buildings or departments in a ranking report to identify the best and worst energy performers
  • Use Map Navigation to view multiple locations, sites and buildings on an interactive map
  • Generate bills for property tenants based on actual consumption
  • Highlight, calculate and verify energy saving opportunities with comprehensive project tracking functionality

A Closer Look...

Queen’s University Belfast uses eSight to monitor data from extensive sub metering across all campuses. The University is using techniques within eSight to target specific areas of waste – especially in their older buildings. Gas, electricity and water meter data which is collected to a central server and monitored by the in-house energy team. Department managers and non-technical users are able to use eSight Express to view their data in a simplified interface. eSight has been recommended as the ideal energy management software for the Public Sector by an independent Verdantix report.

  • "Universities requiring an intuitive user interface and reporting solution to drive engagement... eSight Energy's approachable user interface, combined with good energy reporting and dashboard capabilities, makes it an attractive option for firms seeking to improve employee engagement."

  • Alisdair McDougall, Lead Analyst at Verdantix
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