Pharmaceutical Sector Energy Management Software

In an increasingly competitive market, energy efficiency can have a significant impact on the productivity and bottom-line finances of pharmaceutical companies. There are many energy saving opportunities to be found in the pharma sector, within manufacturing processes, building/laboratory management and through employee engagement.

Already used widely within the sector, eSight software and services provide all the tools you need to identify, monitor and maintain energy savings.

How is energy used in Pharmaceuticals?

Why is eSight perfect for the Pharmaceutical sector?

  • eSight allows you to collect and manage energy data for multiple sites across all pharmaceutical environments, including laboratories, office buildings and manufacturing processes
  • Identify inefficiencies in equipment (such as electric motors, a key component of almost all pharma equipment) with analysis graphs and monitoring of data trends
  • Using sophisticated analytic techniques such as Multi-Variable Linear Regression (MVLR), eSight can model and forecast the expected consumption of each process, taking into account up to 10 variable factors (Production, Temperature etc.)
  • Carefully track energy performance against targets with eSight’s Deviation and CUSUM analysis
  • Be notified of any unusual consumption values with Alarms in order to react quickly to issues such as equipment failure
  • Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) against production or industry standards, compare across all sites and identify poor performance
  • Encourage staff engagement with interactive, informative dashboards to monitor progress by site, building, process or department

A closer look...

Pfizer is the world’s leading research-based biomedical and pharmaceutical company. Operating in over 150 countries and over 25 languages, Pfizer is a globally recognized brand. Pfizer uses eSight to host their eSight product suite from eSight Energy’s secure data centre. The hosting service provides full access to all eSight functionality across the Internet, with little or no software installed on site. eSight has enabled multiple Pfizer sites to reduce energy consumption across many areas of their business.

  • "eSight provided us with a complete solution to our energy management requirements, supporting our efforts to drive down costs within our manufacturing process. The intuitive interface and web based access means that energy management is achievable from any location."

  • Martin Corkery, Energy Manager, Pfizer Ireland
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