Energy Management Software for the Aerospace & Automotive Sector

If vehicle manufacturing was a country, it would be the sixth largest economy in the world. The level of output of the automotive industry alone is equivalent to a global turnover of over $2 trillion, driven by highly energy intensive processes. This is no doubt why 79% of aerospace manufacturers see energy as a business critical issue, and the importance of reducing consumption and waste within the sector is paramount.

eSight provides a comprehensive and proven solution to manage, monitor and reduce energy consumption in the Aerospace and Automotive sector.

How is energy used in vehicle manufacturing?

Why is eSight perfect for the Aerospace and Automotive industry?

  • Identify energy usage and track waste with comprehensive energy analysis
  • Integrate with existing systems (SCADA, BMS etc.) and replicate internal infrastructures to monitor the energy performance of different stages of the manufacturing process
  • Establish an accurate baseline taking into account any variables that may affect consumption, such as outside temperature, production output etc. for achievable target setting
  • Highlight, calculate and verify energy saving opportunities with comprehensive project tracking functionality
  • Quickly detect issues such as water leaks or equipment failure with range and profile alarms
  • Encourage staff engagement with interactive, informative dashboards to monitor progress by site, building or department
  • Connect global locations via one central system with eSight’s multi-lingual capabilities

A closer look...

Airbus uses eSight as the solution to bring together all their energy analysis and reporting needs under one application, accessible from anywhere worldwide. eSight enables users from France, Germany, Spain and the UK to access energy information in their own language and currency. Centralized data collection enables Airbus to focus on energy and other utility costs company-wide in line with environmental objectives and budgetary targets.

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