Become a Partner

Become an eSight Partner and we will provide you with all the tools and support you need to successfully market and sell eSight to your clients and prospects. Becoming an eSight Partner is easy. Simply select your favored partnership from the options below!

Option 1 - The Referral Partner

  The Referral Partnership allows partners to pass qualified leads to the dedicated eSight sales team. Once a lead has been assigned to a Sales Manager they will work on your behalf to establish the companies’ requirements. The dedicated Sales Manager is committed to sell on your behalf, meaning that you don’t have to worry about being fully trained in the eSight software. Once the sale is closed, eSight will pay the partner 10% of the overall initial software sale. What are the benefits of becoming a Referral Partner?

  • Signed referral contract
  • A dedicated, fully trained sales manager who will sell eSight on your behalf, making initial introductions, quoting and nurturing the opportunity through to close
  • Ongoing progression updates
  • 10% of the initial sales value and any sale made in the first 12 months. (software sales only)
  • Lead protection, any opportunity that you pass to the eSight Sales Manager will be protected under our eSight Lead Protection guarantee
  • No need to train your team in the eSight software. Our team are already fully qualified to sell the solution
  • No need to provide technical support to the customer as eSight will do this on your behalf

Becoming a Referral Partner is completely free and gives you peace of mind that your customers are supported by a team of eSight professionals.

Option 2 - The Accredited Partner

  For those companies looking to be a fully self-sufficient eSight Partner, then the Accredited Partner option is the choice for you. On signature of the eSight Accredited Partner contract, a business plan will be established with your dedicated eSight Account Manager. You will be fully trained to ensure that both your sales and technical support team are fully independent and capable of demonstrating, quoting, installing, and supporting the eSight range of solutions. What are the benefits of becoming an Accredited Partner?

  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • End to end training delivered by a team of experts
  • Branding level 2
  • Demonstration licences populated 10 demonstration datapoints on eSight Cloud plus 2 local lap top installations.
  • Co-Branded marketing literature
  • Press Release of the partnership
  • Ongoing refresher training every year
  • Access to the eSight Energy support portal

Within this program, we are able to train and equip you with all the tools you need to sell eSight successfully.

Option 3 - Managed Service Provider (MSP)

  eSight Energy offers a Managed Service Provider partnership that allows organizations to simply purchase an eSight Enterprise system, like a customer, and manage energy for external clients. Once an organization signs up as an MSP Partner, they can manage data for all their clients from a single centralized system and can screen off data from each separate client. The system is priced based on the number of data points, types of modules, and user access. Data points are charged annually in advanced, and charged per point at a flat rate per the total number of points included within your system. What are the benefits of becoming a MSP?

  • Simply purchase an eSight system to get started
  • System can be installed to site or hosted by eSight Energy and accessed through any web browser
  • Ability to brand the system to fit within Corporate Branding Guidelines (options range from simple banner replacement to full OEM)
  • Scalable system makes it easy to add clients and data points on an ad-hoc basis
  • Obtain full eSight product training (Energy Management and Administration) and on-going technical support from eSight Energy
  • Access to the Support Portal, including the eSight Energy Knowledge Base
  • Joint Press Release to announce Partnership & listing as a customer on