Energy Data Collection Software & the Internet of Things

We understand that one of the most difficult things about trying to manage your energy can be that your energy data is often in many different locations, systems, and formats. You could have data in spreadsheets, building automation systems historians, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, SCADA systems, paper bills from your supplier, or in smart metering software. To manage your energy, you need a clear view of all your data brought together in one interface.

eSight Connect – an ever-expanding solution

eSight Energy has built market leading technology by responding to customer requirements. Known as eSight Connect, our data collection solution enables eSight to leverage energy, production and other energy-related data from virtually any system, location and format worldwide. We have drawn our experience from clients worldwide, from a diverse range of industries across commercial and industrial applications. The eSight team never stops adding to our capabilities for collection and integration of data. This has been a priority of the eSight team for more than 10 years, meaning you can be confident that if you have data, we’ll get it into eSight.

How do I integrate my data?

Data can be imported automatically from data loggers, BAS and SCADA systems, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, production systems, utility billing data, and Excel spreadsheets. eSight can be used as an interface between all system manufacturers, making integration much more efficient. This also means that where you have disparate energy data, eSight brings all your information together into one single, centralized database, giving you an holistic view of your energy usage. As well as automatically importing data you also have the option to import data manually into the system. Manual meter readings have been made easy with eSight Scan, an app for IOS allowing eSight users to easily input manual meter readings via a smartphone or tablet.

IoT Imports

The Internet of Things represents a fast-growing trend, whereby smart devices enable interconnectivity of building services and intelligence. IoT Imports is an eSight option for receiving data from Internet of Things (IoT) devices or systems capable of pushing data by HTTP post (in JSON, XML, or CSV format). Within eSight users can point IoT devices to a uniquely generated URL. During this configuration, eSight will listen for a data payload, then the user maps out the components of the payload to eSight fields. This functionality creates a massive range of new integrations possibilities. When IoT Imports is paired with integration frameworks like Microsoft Flow, Zapier and IFTT there are nearly limitless integration possibilities.

oBIX- Seamless Integration

eSight connects directly with oBIX enabled devices such as Tridium Niagara BAS controls and other oBIX enabled systems. The eSight interface for setting up oBIX data imports consists of an intuitive, wizard-driven method that leads users through a simple step-by-step setup process. eSight’s oBIX connectivity has been designed to be able to process large amounts of data virtually instantaneously.

Intelligent Data Collector

Where there is no method of transferring data from a remote location to eSight’s database, the iDC (Intelligent Data Collector) tool available with eSight, provides a method to automatically transport data securely on a scheduled basis. iDC operates from any remote location, automatically preparing data and importing it directly into eSight.

“The availability of data from multiple sources provides an opportunity to focus on energy management, analysis and reporting from ONE platform. This focus leads to ACTIONABLE insight into energy performance and identification for optimization of energy consuming devices.” Susan Peter, Product Specialist- Energy Solutions at Yorkland Controls


  • Gather data from spreadsheets, building automation systems, SCADA systems, paper bills or smart metering software

  • Manage all your energy data in one central system

  • Import data automatically or manually via eSight software


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