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Site Surveys, Metering and Data Collection Services

Collect energy and energy-related data into eSight from a wide range of sources & systems

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Cost Savings & Energy Usage Analysis

eSight empowers you to make sense of energy data, improve efficiency and identify savings of up to 30%

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Display key energy data with our range of customizable dashboards, for actionable information at-a-glance and to encourage engagement

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Energy Policy Tracking

eSight Project Tracking allows you to achieve energy goals by setting targets, analyzing energy opportunities, monitoring progress and verifying savings. Information is clearly displayed in an intuitive dashboard

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Carbon & Sustainability Reporting

Manage your corporate responsibility and stay in line with carbon related legislation and global standards

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Utility Bill Management

Prevent over-charging from your energy supplier by comparing your bill total to your meter data

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Tenant Billing Solutions

Create and distribute bills to property tenants based on their actual consumption and rate charges

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You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure: 5 Techniques to Combat Energy Wasters

Looking for energy saving techniques that will help improve the operational efficiency of your building? Our eBook outlines several energy wasters that are often overlooked and how to combat them.

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