eSight Essential

eSight Essential

The interface of eSight Energy is advanced with many elements to enhance your energy management needs. Additionally, every 8 weeks the development team releases a new version of eSight which includes new features and service pack releases. To ensure your energy software project is used optimally, there are certain things you need to ensure are maintained. This includes user engagement and training on new releases, data quality, changes to configuration and other such items. Our eSight Essential service has some of the more basic but critical chores of eSight done for you, enabling your team to focus on the big picture that keeps your energy management program active.

Data Management

Data quality is a huge challenge with any energy project. eSight can not be used optimally if there is missing or poor data. The customer success team will track your data quality and resolve any issues as quickly as possible. Where resolution is not possible, we will find and highlight these issues to your team, so you may raise these with your data providers.

Configuration (Change Management)

While energy management is an important practice for global sustainability, it is also valuable to display how energy savings improve the corporation bottom-line. This course will utilize eSight to model the company’s baseline energy costs and how it will be decreased through various projects. The energy expert will research local power supplier incentive programs to fund projects and help decrease energy expenses even faster. eSight reports will be distributed to company stockholders and employees to share the accomplishments.

Custom Development

eSight has a vast array of reports, rate templates and other features for your energy management program. There may be an instance that you want a specific item that may not fit one of the standards included. In that case, you will work with our development team to make a custom solution. We will assign you a technical manager, who will guide you through the process to deliver a solution that will meet your needs.