eSight Engage

eSight Engage

One of the benefits of partnering with eSight is you are getting a software system that is always growing. We are not just designing new features but improving existing ones. This service plan is promoting master users and ensuring you are an eSight expert.


We want to ensure your eSight platform is advancing your energy management program. If there is a module that is not working for you, we will have a workshop to ensure your business needs fit with the module. Furthermore, if there is a module you currently do not have, we can do a session on that module that may be beneficial to you. Finally, any new features, we will schedule a private workshop on how the new module can be helpful to you.

Webinar Subscriptions

eSight staff lead webinars on various subjects on the industry. We have also just started to do monthly deep dives on some of the more advanced features of eSight. With this free service, as an eSight customer, you get access to a library full of historic and new webinars released monthly.

Regional Roadshows

Coming in 2020, we will have eSight staff do traveling workshops on eSight and energy management. A number of these will be managed and driven by our key customers to share best practices among our user base. Join us for an intuitive and in-person session. More to follow as dates are published.