eSight Academy

eSight Academy

Turn your energy management tool into actionable goals that exceed targets. The eSight customer success team offers a variety of courses that help you meet your energy management goals. The eSight energy expert will model those goals into the platform so you can monitor energy saving success before, during and after the course.

Available eSight Academy courses include:

Best Practice Strategy Courses

The first target for any energy management program is to obtain the low-hanging fruit and implement energy saving strategies that are low-cost/no-cost; from these quick energy measures, you can utilize your cost savings toward higher capital-investment projects. All industries have best practice strategies specific to their needs. With this course, the energy expert will learn your business needs, suggest best practice energy saving opportunities, and use eSight to review data and visualize the savings.

Corporate Targets Course

While energy management is an important practice for global sustainability, it is also valuable to display how energy savings improve the corporation bottom-line. This course will utilize eSight to model the company’s baseline energy costs and how it will be decreased through various projects. The energy expert will research local power supplier incentive programs to fund projects and help decrease energy expenses even faster. eSight reports will be distributed to company stockholders and employees to share the accomplishments.

Sustainability Course

Every year, global warming is becoming a more serious and dangerous threat. By purchasing eSight, you are making a statement that you are helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make the company a major player in sustainability. Besides energy and cost reduction, this course will focus on green house gas emission reductions. In conjunction with eSight Energy, the energy expert will utilize The Department of Energy’s Portfolio Manager to track and increase your ENERGY STAR score. We will also use eSight to get your company closer to becoming LEED certified.

Custom Energy Services Courses

Should you have a vision for your energy management program that may not fully align with the above courses, we can merge ideas to tailor a program to your needs. Together, we will write an energy policy, create a baseline, and determine the best strategy for user engagement and energy saving success based on your vision.