RSP Systems is in the Microgrid business and is a provider of Capstone Microturbines as well as other Energy Efficiency Equipment. We selected eSight® Energy several years ago as a Data Storage and Dashboard provider to allow our customers to keep track of key metrics. eSight® has proven to be very reliable, functional, and easy to use. Our customers appreciate having the ability to view data, monitor performance, and provide reports for the executives and board members to review energy usage and to allow them to evaluate their facilities performance. eSight® is a company that I would recommend to anyone looking for a visual and data driven monitoring solution.
Vince Zardus
Director of Service, RSP Systems
We have been using eSight® for several years now and it has allowed us to quickly monitor energy usage by building across campus. This has allowed us to identify when utility problems arise and save energy in the process.
Gary Weishaar
Manager - Energy & Controls Utility & Power Plant | KSU Facilities
Veolia uses eSight globally as a core tool to promote efficient energy use by our teams and customers, early fault recognition, preventative maintenance, billing and key performance indicator monitoring using the many functions available on eSight including, analysis, alarms, reports, calculated meters; all based on collected data from a large number of remote building and plant management systems.
Jason Briggs
system support engineer
eSight® has been instrumental in allowing us to monitor energy usage across multiple sites. We’ve been able to proactively and quickly identify, respond, and reduce energy use and costs, while also using the eSight® platform to effectively convey this to our stakeholders.
Kevin Chock
Vice President, RHA Energy Partners
eSight® is a really good tool. We are measured by reducing energy consumption. Our main and most important project for 10 buildings is reducing energy consumption by 25%. The eSight® software will enable us to achieve that.
Stefan Schaefer
Building Advisory Energy, Apleona
eSight® provides a valuable tool to us and our customers to monitor energy and water usage across a diverse group of properties and campuses. A large variety of configurable analysis templates and data quality tools allow us to quickly identify and address costly operational issues, and the report tools allow us to deliver valuable content to effectively manage utility usage and costs. eSight® is a valuable partner in helping us to supply actionable energy intelligence to our clients!
Chris Rosa
CEO, New Horizon Technologies
The eSight® system has enabled the Facilities Systems Office to quickly identify operational issues that impact the utility cost of the University by providing macro level analysis of each building. eSight® provides a historical reference of building trends that is not available in the BAS systems. Texas Tech has been utilizing the eSight® system since 2015. It immediately identified a $220,000 savings opportunity.
Brandon McCoy
Energy Manager, Texas Tech University
eSight® software is easy to configure. Great and easy to understand dashboards. Excellent analysis.
Steve Trudel,
Energy Manager, Molson Coors
eSight® is an integral part of our energy conservation and sustainability efforts at the University of Rochester. For the first time ever, campus stakeholders can now see the energy impacts of their actions in near real-time. We look forward to leveraging the reporting an analytics capabilities the system has to offer to drive energy efficiency improvements on campus.
Timothy Vann
Energy Engineer, University of Rochester