Tenant billing

Simplify the billing of tenants based on usage or apportionment.

Automatic meter readings

eSight® automatically reads consumption data from tenant meters and submeters, so it’s easy to generate error-free invoices. If you need to manually enter readings, you can do that too through the eSight® App.

Automated bill creation and distribution

Easily bill tenants for electricity, steam, natural gas, chilled water and domestic water usage and generate accurate and professional invoices that display tenant energy consumption with just a few clicks.

Utility submetering

Track the utility use of each individual tenant. This allows the landlord to charge tenants according to their utility consumption. It is an extremely effective method for utility management and helps to provide tenants with a sense of control over their operating expenses.

Create, distribute and track bills from one place

Bills can be generated in a PDF, Word, Excel or image format, ready for distribution to individual tenants or groups of tenants within a property. A full historical record of outstanding and paid bills is stored to provide a full trail of bills for the property owner to revert to.

Bills can also be re-raised if there is an error to ensure the correct information is delivered to the tenant. Part bills can likewise be raised for example if a tenant moves out mid-month and needs a bill for their time in the property- it can be raised for the beginning of the month until a said date. Late charges can be added. Tenant Bills can be branded with the logo of the property owner, for clear recognition.

Raise overdue bills with ease

Save administrative work and easily keep an oversight of overdue bills at the touch of a button. Export multiple bills as one or many. Spot an issue? No problems, rerun the bill which will be created with the next revision number.

Automatic or manual readings – we got you covered

Automatic meter readings

Data flows from a connected meter to eSight®, where it is immediately available for Tenant billing use.

Manual readings/ Mobile meter reading app

Our mobile app captures meter readings and syncs them to our system. It helps users catch mistakes before they walk all the way back to their office.

Streamlined meter reading – even offline

Scan the QR code fixed on the meter and the meter reading form will open. Capture the reading through the mobile meter reading app and hit the submit button. Even offline the data captured will be transferred to eSight® as soon as an online connection becomes available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can handle electricity, natural gas and water all on one bill

Yes we can provide eSight® “Express” access to tenants so that they can always access their current and past bills in the portal

Yes, this can be added and then the bill can be re-raised.

Yes this can be automated in the software.

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