Cofely Purchases eSight® For Analysis & Reporting Of Energy Data Across The UK

Cofely is the principal trading subsidiary of the Cofely Group in the UK. The Cofely Group is the service arm of Gaz de France, a leading international energy utility and service provider with a presence throughout the entire energy chain.


Cofely provides a range of facilities maintenance, installation and energy contract services. Utilizing over 25 years of experience, they are able to provide an individually tailored and integrated approach to both multi and single site contracts.

The company currently operates over 1,100 contracts from 10 regional operations centers throughout the UK.

Annual contract values range from $1,000 to in excess of $5 million. Their diverse client base has grown to include a significant number of contracts in both the public and private sectors.


eSight® was installed at Cofely’s Head Office in London and is administered from Cofely’s Derbyshire office. Energy data for some 300 sites across the UK is entered or imported into eSight® on a weekly basis. Due to the web enabled architecture of eSight®, any of the 60+ users could access the application at any point in time. 

Energy data is taken from the client sites and is input at Cofely’s regional offices. Contract Managers are then able to access and analyse energy usage at both a contract and regional level. At a National level, the National Energy Controller is able to view the client energy activity nation-wide.

Cofely also have the ability to create energy budgets. These budgets can then be graphed against actual energy data for performance analysis or converted to a financial representation by applying energy tariffs.


Cofely manage energy for clients across sites throughout the UK. They required an application to collect, store and process energy data.

Cofely have 10 regional offices which are each responsible for the energy management of clients within their specific territory.

Each regional office collects energy data (electricity, gas, water) from their client sites. They required an application which would assist in data collection, data analysis and the aggregation of energy across their regional offices.

Cofely also required a range of energy budgeting facilities and the ability to generate monthly data to be passed to energy suppliers for billing purposes.

“eSight® has enabled Cofely to manage energy more effectively at both a site and national level.”
Simon Matthews
Head of Energy Division

eSight® provides the facility for Cofely to create both Consumption Budgets to record the anticipated energy usage in addition to Target Budgets to record desired energy consumption

eSight® also enables Cofely to enter energy pricing data enabling the analysis of performance against different budgets both in terms of energy and cost.

Cofely are also now able to collect meter readings on behalf of the suppliers. Readings are collected at the regional office level and stored within eSight®. A monthly extract is provided to suppliers for billing purposes.

This procedure has been made possible with the architecture and technology behind eSight® – enabling a global perspective on data that is being maintained from multiple locations.

What are the advantages of browser based technology?

eSight® is a fully browser based solution. This means that it only needs installing to a single server location within an organization. eSight® may then be accessed from any PC across the corporate network via Internet Explorer.

The major advantages are that:

The browser based technology ensures that regardless of where you are within your organization, you will be able to access eSight®.

About eSight® Energy

Developed by eSight® Energy, eSight® is an all-encompassing, global energy management software platform. 100% web-based eSight® offers an extensive range of techniques for analyzing energy usage and targeting areas to reduce energy consumption, costs and carbon by up to 30%. The suite is available as a hosted solution (SaaS) or installed to any site.For more information on how eSight® can help your organization, contact

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