Solar monitoring

Get unmatched visibility and reporting of PV and battery storage portfolio performance.

Top benefits

Enhance visibility

Review solar generation for all your PV and battery storage systems. Rely on eSight® to keep an eye on system performance and share scheduled reports with system stakeholders. View generation on dashboards.

Benchmark performance

Compare financial returns and track savings from avoided grid electricity to ensure power purchase agreement (PPA) projects are meeting expectations. Analyse installation performance to highlight leading and lagging assets.

Protect your investment

Monitor your entire residential and commercial fleet from one online platform. Get accurate plant data and reliable reporting to meet the needs of installer, portal operator and plant owners.

Renewable energy performance data at your fingertips

Create a unified view of all your solar assets and accurately track solar generated, consumed and exported – for CO2 emissions tracking as well as insightful energy reporting and capacity planning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can chart solar production over any time period. This can be displayed on screen, added to a dashboard or included in an automated report by email.

We can monitor the inverters for production, efficiency, temp and monitor exported power. Also we have an automated weather feed for sun hours which can be correlated to production for efficiency calcs.

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