Baseline & Target Maintenance

Baseline and Target Maintenance is an ongoing partnership service. You gain an energy expert that has used eSight in a variety of industries and applications. With this service, we will deliver reliable baselines that drive improvements.

A baseline outlines normal energy consumption and what affects good or bad energy performance. By having a defined baseline, one can create realistic objectives as well as predict future usage. Comparing current consumption to expected consumption and the baseline helps move energy management programs forward.

Historic Data

Having historic data gives a high-level overview of previous energy use that existing consumption could not identify. You can establish past patterns that shape expected normal performance. Whether historic data be through saved utility bills or within building automation systems, we will transfer that data to eSight to ensure a proper baseline can be established.

Baseline Development

By determining key energy driving factors, we can outline energy consumption based on normal business operations. We will graph baselines for a variety of intervals to gauge performance over different times of the year. This will allow us to compare current consumption to one of the baselines for deeper understanding of baseline analyses.

Target Creation

Having energy conservation targets maintains focus on effective energy reduction projects. Creating a target depends on your energy policy and baseline. We will review together what plans are for the energy management program and create tangible objectives. We will be able to display the targets within several eSight tools.

Performance Improvements

As energy conservation methods are proposed and implemented, we will track those changes within eSight. We will perform scheduled reviews comparing current consumption to the established baselines and targets created. By using the drivers identified for the baselines, we will normalise the current consumption to examine accurate energy performance improvements.

A successful program takes each success as a new starting point, which in turn, will deliver more improvements. Once it has been proven that a target has been reached, we will set new baselines and create new targets. This guarantees that an energy management program will never become stagnant.


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