System Configuration Services for Energy Management

System Configuration is a service that assists with the initial development and implementation of your eSight energy management platform. We design your system unique to your objectives. Whether you are a first-time user or an experienced Energy Service Provider, eSight’s System Configuration service allows you to get the most out your energy management platform.

Understanding Your Needs

eSight provides several modules and analytical tools that cater to all sectors and all users. In an initial system configuration meeting, you and an eSight Energy Management Specialist will discuss how to best reflect your energy management goals in your new energy management platform. This information will help you clearly understand your energy consumption data by providing the necessary framework within the eSight software.

Analysis Templates

Analysis Templates are then designed with variables most crucial to help realise your energy goals. The templates will accurately represent your metering network and reflect your energy saving initiatives. Generated from our Energy Analysis Modules, they help to analyse energy usage, discover best-use practice, identify key areas for saving, and compare multiple sites.

Dashboard Creation

eSight also develops unique dashboards for you. The dashboards allow clear views of analysis, budgets, templates, and much more in a user-friendly layout. They are designed for viewing your most important energy management data on one screen. The dashboards can be site specific, globally consistent, and individually customised for the highest level of understanding and visibility regarding your energy management initiatives.

Reaching Your Energy Goals

Energy management is an important task for organisations who want to reduce costs, energy usage, and carbon emissions. With eSight’s System Configuration, you will have the peace of mind that a dedicated team of energy management professionals implemented precisely what your organisation needs to reach and exceed your energy management goals.