Hosting Services

eSight Energy provides premium hosting services in our Tier 3 data center. Hosting services are provided in 3 main tiers of hosting options available, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each option is charged per a fixed cost plus a cost per data point:


eSight’s Silver hosting provides access to our “shared” hosting environment (a shared eSight application). Data is stored securely on a centralised database that uses eSight security to segregate client data. Clients are only able to see and access their own data, but the database, application pool and virtual machines are all shared. As such, Silver hosting is able to be provided at a lower cost. Silver hosting restricts meter read frequency of less than every 15 minutes. Clients with over 200 data points must purchase Gold hosting.


eSight’s Gold hosting provides our customers with an individual installation of eSight within their own virtual environment. This provides a completely isolated installation of eSight including the database and application. As such, Gold hosting is provided at a slightly higher cost to cover the cost of administration and licensing required for an individual installation.


eSight’s Platinum hosting provides everything included in Gold hosting, plus a larger application pool of resources on the server, providing faster response times. Our Platinum service is provided in conjunction with our Disaster Recovery service which should be purchased in conjunction with this level of hosting.

Through dedicated hosting, eSight Energy can host your system on our own secure server. Having full control over the dedicated server, we can safely host your eSight system within our server. Dedicated hosting service offers the benefits of high performance, security, stability, and control, allowing your eSight hosted system to run smoothly.