Data Monitoring & Trends Services for Energy Management

A successful energy management program relies on the availability of useful data, finding patterns in the data, identifying anomalies from trends, and troubleshooting methods to resolve any issues.

Finding Trends

eSight has a variety of analytical tools that can be used to find consumption patterns. With these tools, we can find those trends on yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, and even more granular frequencies. While you focus on the day-to-day energy program, we will record past trends and capture baselines as a starting point for energy management.

Data Adjustments

In the case of a power outage or when a meter or data logger becomes damaged, or a meter counter rolls over, corrupted data may be imported into the system. eSight Energy will find these outliers and provide adjustments so you can trust the data you are analyzing.

Analysis Recommendations

There are countless methods to review and analyse your data. We will work with you to find the best practices for your business and energy management program. We will develop a reporting strategy to determine which individuals should view certain data based on their areas of responsibility, and define the best fit for them whether it be reports or dashboards.

Data Review

Once baselines have been established, we will compare current data to those baselines. Furthermore, we can set up alerts if data deviates from forecasted consumption, so you can be notified immediately if energy performance is not trending as expected.

We will schedule a monthly meeting to review current trends in relation to previous baselines and brainstorm why the energy consumption data is performing as it is. Through frequent communication, we will identify energy performance strategies and monitor them within eSight.