Custom Report Development

The eSight Report Module features several basic types of reporting: consumption, emissions, financial, bill, maintenance and verification, management, bill verification and greenhouse gasses. They provide high level reviews of energy performance in terms of consumption, emissions, cost and other areas. While important and beneficial, if your energy management needs require more thorough reports, we can design, build, and implement it.

Design Phase

We will meet with you to fully address what you want to see on the custom reports. Once realised, we will create a specifications document that details every aspect of the report(s): date range of the report, where values come from, examples of various outcomes, and so on. This will serve as a guide for us to build the report and a way to ensure the final product delivers what was expected. When the specifications are signed off, we will create the report.

Report Building

Using SQL Server Reporting Services, we will construct all requirements agreed on in the design phase. While building the report, we will perform frequent tests to ensure it works as expected. Any unexpected variances will be corrected.

Report Review

Once the report or reports are finished, we will meet with you to review them. Using the specifications document, we will review each item compared to the reports.  We will also demonstrate how to get to the reports within eSight and ensure the new reports are scheduled to be emailed to you and your team.

Once the reports have been delivered and signed off, we will transition them to support. Through our data health management program, we will ensure the correct data is being displayed on the reports; however, if you find information that does not look accurate, raise a support call. We will fix any discrepancy.