Custom Contract Development

The eSight Contract Module features several basic types of templates: Single Rate, Two Rate, Multi-Rate, Electricity, Banded, and Water. They provide general methods to perform cost and revenue analysis for consumption meters.  Though these templates are useful, they are not tariff specific and would not provide an exact replica of your utility bills.

Tariff Specifications

The first step is to collect the supplier and tariff information, as well as several sample bills. With these items, we can gauge what the contract would need included. Once the tariff is outlined, we will create a specifications sheet documenting all the inputs and outputs needed for the contract template. After you approve the specifications, we can create the template.

Contract Building

Using an eSight Energy developed tool, we will build a template that matches the tariff. The tool incorporates several different types of calculations and functions with a variety of variables so any tariff in the country can be duplicated. We will do frequent tests within the tool as well as in a local version of eSight to ensure it fits the specifications listed.

Contract Review and Training

Once the contract has been built, we will upload it to your eSight system. The final product within your eSight system will be intuitive and user friendly.  We will meet to train on using the template within eSight and confirm that it meets your expectations.

Once the contracts have been delivered and signed off, we will transition them to support. Through our data health management program, we will ensure the correct data is being imported to eSight so the cost data is accurate. With our Financial Data Maintenance program, we can create the contracts, tenants and raise bills to make your use of eSight as efficient as possible. With this service, you will have tariffs that match the utility charges for more powerful cost analysis.