The property management sector faces a number of pressures relating to energy including rising energy costs, increased regulation and maintaining tenant satisfaction. Buildings account for 37% of the UK’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, 10% of which are from commercial buildings.

eSight is the perfect solution for users looking to manage energy for property portfolios or single buildings. As a property manager, considerations including energy performance modelling and forecasting, tenant billing, site comparison and promoting behaviour change are all achievable within the software.


How do properties typically use energy?

Why is eSight the perfect solution for the Property sector?

  • With eSight, property managers can manage all energy related data for multiple sites and buildings in a single system
  • The software also allows you to display multiple sites and buildings on an interactive map and navigate quickly to a chosen location
  • Generate bills for tenants based on actual consumption
  • Model and forecast energy usage to set, track and achieve targets
  • Compare individual sites/tenants/departments in a league table to identify the best and worst energy performers
  • Encourage behaviour change with engaging, interactive public dashboards
  • eSight is already used by a wide range of property clients, from large real-estate organisations to retail sites, hotels and stadiums.

A closer look...

Liberty Property Trust uses eSight to help reduce energy usage in their commitment towards sustainability. The company, which is worth $6.2billion, required a solution to enable them to bring together all their energy data. They needed both a solution for collecting and measurement of the energy related data across sites, but also a way to bring the data together in a central database.

Liberty required the ability to measure and verify that data with a view to identifying areas of potential saving, reducing overall energy usage across their buildings, and driving down cost. This would only be possible through transparency of the data.

  • "eSight is by far, the best product on the market. It has a user-friendly interface with in-depth graphic charting tools to uncover obscure energy use trends."

  • Fred Dougherty, Vice President, Liberty Property Trust
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