In 2015, the industry sector made up 17% of total UK energy consumption. For manufacturing businesses, energy accounted for up to 38% of costs- a significant contributor to a business’ bottom-line. Better energy management and greater efficiency in manufacturing are therefore going to have significant positive environmental and cost saving impacts.

Which Manufacturers use the most energy?

Why is eSight perfect for Manufacturing?

  • Gain better understanding of the energy used in the manufacturing process with clear analysis of each stage. eSight allows you to replicate your building and process structures within the system and provides the most comprehensive analysis tools to monitor, target and track energy performance
  • For accurate targeting and to recognise genuine inefficiencies, set energy baselines which take into account expected variables such as production output
  • Use tools such as Specific Energy Consumption and Regression analysis to identify consumption issues within a process
  • Carefully track energy performance against targets with eSight’s Deviation and CUSUM analysis
  • Be notified of any unusual consumption values with Alarms in order to react quickly to issues such as equipment failure
  • Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) against production or industry standards, compare across all sites and identify poor performance
  • Encourage staff engagement with interactive, informative dashboards to monitor progress by site, building, process or department

A closer look…

In 2011, PMI set a target for 20% reduction in Co₂ footprint vs 2010. Along with a set of global energy saving initiatives and a strong awareness and training programme, a metering initiative was required. Therefore, in 2012 the Global Energy Metering and Targeting Tool (GEMT) was launched based on eSight Software. After a $10M investments and an annual cost of $200k the project saw PMI make a cost reduction of $55M by 2015. It also allowed for Opex reduction and an increase in energy awareness within the company.

  • "eSight has played an important role in PMI reducing energy consumption in 2015 24% energy consumption vs 2010 consumption as well as to save more than $55M per year vs 2010 energy cost."

  • Carlos Sanchez, Manager Environment and Energy, Philip Morris International
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