Brewery processing is energy and water intensive, and the introduction of carbon-related fees and the rise of utility prices means it is more important than ever to reduce utility usage. Brewing is a global, diverse industry made up of multi-national companies as well as thousands of smaller producers, and eSight provides a solution to meet every requirement.

We understand the brewing process and the energy intensive stages within it. From the Brewhouse to the Cooling and Packaging stages, the ability to identify efficiencies in these high consuming areas can have a huge impact on bottom-line costs.

How does your Brewery use energy?

On average, energy consumption in breweries is broken down as follows: (Source: Carbon Trust)

Set and achieve energy saving targets with eSight

  • eSight is able to integrate with existing systems (SCADA, BMS etc.) and replicate internal infrastructures to accurately monitor the energy performance of different stages of the brewing process
  • Using sophisticated analytic techniques such as Multi-Variable Linear Regression (MVLR), eSight can model and forecast the expected consumption of each process, taking into account up to 10 variable factors (Production, Temperature etc.)
  • Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) against production or industry standards, compare across all sites and identify poor performance
  • eSight alarms users when consumption is outside of the expected usage or outside of set KPIs, allowing staff to investigate and take action
  • Dynamic analysis graphs can be displayed on multiple dashboards to allow energy performance to be continuously monitored.

Brewers have achieved huge savings

A closer look...

Molson Coors uses eSight as the solution to meet the energy management requirements of 14 brewing sites located globally.

With eSight’s configuration flexibility, the brewing structure of Molson Coors can be accurately replicated and monitored within the software, and specific performance related analysis can be achieved with bespoke reports and tools such as Multi-Variable Linear Regression.

The ability to set dashboards for different user types gives users access to only the information and level of detail they need.

  • “eSight software is easy to configure. Great and easy to understand dashboards.
    Excellent analysis”

  • Steve Trudel, Energy Manager at Molson Coors
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