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eSight® is engaged actively within public sector and government run organizations globally. eSight® provides a range of focused tools to meet core challenges, to enable analysis of building efficiency and engaging, interactive dashboards to promote behavioral change and public awareness.

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How does the Public Sector typically use energy?

How do public sector / government clients benefit from eSight®?

Data collection flexibility

Import data into eSight® from a wide range of systems/formats. Automate and import historical data and reduce time collecting and validating information.

energy analysis

Identify energy usage intensity (EUI) and track waste with comprehensive energy analysis. Monitor usage across multiple buildings with ease.

ROI/Payback Tracking

Use eSight® to identify and verify energy usage, cost and carbon savings. Understand ROI/Payback and demonstrate environmental protection and cost accountability.

Identify energy

Compare individual sites, buildings or departments and rank buildings to identify the best and worst energy performers.

Track Upgrades and Retrofits

Use eSight® project tracking to monitor building and HVAC upgrades and associated (annual) savings.

Baseline and Targeting

Clearly establish and track baseline and metrics for energy usage intensity reporting. Measure your environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) success and continuously improve.

Texas Tech’s eSight® energy management program expands as energy costs shrink


Texas Tech implemented the eSight® energy management software (EMS) as a means of effecting a transition from reactive maintenance to persistent commissioning. Reactive maintenance is the practice of correcting equipment failures after they make themselves known. Persistent Commissioning is identifying failures as or even before they occur and taking immediate action to restore as-new performance.

“The RFP we published was looking for a group of unique characteristics in an energy management suite. eSight® was user friendly and capable of managing energy data coming in from over 70 buildings.”

Brandon McCoy, Energy Manager, Texas Tech University

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Across our customer base we have connected whole cities, one of the largest military bases in the world, whole school districts, government departments, VA hospitals and Universities.

Educational buildings utilize powerful analytics to find savings on chilled water and HVAC etc and like to display those savings to students and visitors via our dashboards. Military installations benefit from the added security of an install to site rather than the cloud, eSight® can be used without needing connection to the outside world and sit behind the firewall.

Whilst this is ideal and will allow a deeper drill down into granular data to see where the wastage is occurring we do accommodate monthly utility data, this can be ingested, stored managed, visualized and reported in through our user interface and we can arrange collection and mapping of the data into eSight on your behalf.


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