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Management of energy data across an extensive range of locations and data sets is a challenge perfectly suited to eSight®. Trusted by Commercial Property/REIT/FM companies globally to manage owned or tenanted properties eSight® provides access and tracking of usage centrally and by building level users. Key considerations for energy management include performance modeling, forecasting, tenant billing, site comparison, promoting behavioural change and compliance reporting. eSight® brings this all together in one platform.

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How do commercial properties typically use energy?

How is eSight® used in the commercial Property sector?

Multiple sites and
buildings in a single system

With eSight®, property managers can manage all energy usage intensity (EUI) related data for multiple sites and buildings in a single system.

Compliance and Management

Manage energy to achieve commercial targets and standards. Use eSight® to meet Netzero targets, achieve LEED status and other compliance mandates.

Tenant Billing

Manage the tenant process through eSight®. Check and raise bills based on apportioned or actual consumption.

Model and forecast
energy usage

Model and forecast energy usage to set, track and achieve your environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) targets.

Interactive map
with navigation

eSight’s map technology enables display of multiple sites and buildings on an interactive map and navigate quickly to a chosen location.

Interactive public

Encourage sustainability and energy saving behavior change with engaging, interactive public dashboards.

Quickly identify and target energy consumption areas requiring attention

Ricoh Arena

The Ricoh Arena chose eSight® to manage energy throughout their site specifically because of its compatibility with existing infrastructure, its ease-of-use and the specific product modules required. Using eSight®, the Ricoh Arena was able to quickly identify and target areas requiring attention such as lighting and air-conditioning which were contributing 73% to total energy usage. Once new, more efficient equipment was installed, energy savings data was recorded, and ROI could quickly be calculated.

Overall reductions
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Reduction in
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Reduced gas
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Reduced water

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We have various ways to import monthly cost and monthly consumption totals from utilities if the utility can provide it in an electronic format like EDI or CSV.

Emission factors for all pollutants can be stored in eSight for different time periods and geographical locations. This allows accurate analysis of how much carbon is emitted over any time period for any building. We also have built in GHG reports to include scope 1,2 and 3. These reports can be configured to be automatically created and emailed on a regular basis.

Yes, as long as the data is being imported and stored in eSight® a file can be exported from eSight® that can be then uploaded into portfolio manager. We can provide this as managed service as well.

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