Project Rollout

Our highly experienced and knowledgable projects team always ensures success. A proven project methodology is used in conjunction with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Whether a single site, a large campus or a global rollout, you can rely on our guidance.

Rolling out eSight® across your organization

As an eSight® Energy customer your customer experience is very important to us and we work in partnership with you to deliver a successful energy management and tracking system.

Below is a broad outline of what you can expect regarding the launch of your new eSight® project. Remember, all projects are unique and there may be some additional steps or requirements dependent on your contract and T&Cs.


Meeting your project team

At the project launch you will be assigned a Project Team, led by a dedicated consultant who will act as the project lead and will be responsible for the implementation of your instance of eSight®. The consultant will lead the kick-off meeting, create your implementation plan including milestones, dates and deliverables. Any bespoke requirements will be sketched out here.


Survey pack

After the kick-off meeting you will receive a Survey Pack. This document is completed by you and tells us more about your meters, read frequency, sites and buildings. This information ensures your eSight® is configured correctly.


eSight® configuration

The consultant will now set up the tree configuration and ensure your eSight® system is organized correctly. User access with appropriate permissions assigned will be created along with your dashboards and specified reports.


Data validation

With the meter feeds set up, and meter data coming into eSight®, the data is checked for quality. Data is validated against historical or legacy data. If that’s not available then the Survey Pack is referred back to ensure that the data feeding into eSight® is as expected.



Now that your eSight® system is set up, data is feeding in and has been validated, you are ready for your training. Training is usually delivered by the project consultant and can be conducted either on-site or virtually.


Support handover

With eSight® implementation complete, your account will now transfer to your account manager and the Support Team. The Support Team will assist with any technical issues, tickets raised and SLAs. Your account manager will assist with general account requirements such as adding new user licenses, additional modules and renewals.

Additional resources

User manual

A comprehensive User Manual is available via the Support Portal.

Bitesize training

Additional training sessions can be delivered to new users or to users looking to boost their existing knowledge.


As a customer you will receive newsletters informing you of new product releases and promotions.

What‘s new videos

With each major product update we produce a What’s New video. Split into digestible edits, these videos showcase new features and demonstrate their functionality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This differs based on if there is any custom reporting or development required. However a small to medium standard system can be installed and configured within 2-6 weeks of ordering, a medium size system maybe 1-2 months from ordering and very large installation could be 3 months plus.

We hold ISO 9001 accreditation which is the quality management standard. This ensures that all of our installs follow a documented and high quality procedure that provides continual improvement. This demonstrates our commitment to quality and to outstanding customer service.

Yes you will have a project manager assigned who will ensure a smooth rollout from kick off meeting to final project sign off. A documented implementation schedule is provided before order placement.

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