There are many energy saving opportunities to be found in the pharma sector, within manufacturing processes, building/laboratory management and through employee engagement. Already used widely within the sector, eSight® software and services provide all the tools you need to identify, monitor and maintain energy savings.

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How is energy used in Pharmaceuticals?

How is eSight® used throughout the pharmaceutical industry?

Collect and manage
energy data

eSight® allows you to collect and manage energy data for multiple sites across all pharmaceutical environments, including laboratories, office buildings and manufacturing processes.

Monitor usage trends

Identify inefficiencies in equipment (such as electric motors, a key component of almost all pharma equipment) with analysis graphs and monitoring of data trends.

analytic techniques

eSight® brings highly evolved and targeted analytics enabling modeling, forecasting and tracking of usage across the pharma process.


Encourage staff engagement with interactive, informative dashboards to monitor progress by site, building, process or department.

Alarm notifications

Be notified of any unusual consumption values with Alarms in order to react quickly to issues such as equipment failure.

Key performance

Develop production, industry standard or custom Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to compare across all sites and identify poor performance.

Leading Pharmaceutical Selects eSight® for Automatic Analysis & Integration of Energy Data

A world’s leading research-based biomedical and pharmaceutical company. Operating in over 150 countries and over 25 languages required an energy management system to achieve its strategic target to reduce energy consumption. With a stated mission of applying innovative science to improve health, it is responsible for some of the world’s well-known and life saving medicines and spends $8.1 billion a year on research – more than any other company in the world. The research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of its medicines are carried out across numerous global locations by over 85,000 employees.

“eSight® Energy provided us with a complete solution to our energy management requirements, supporting our efforts to drive down costs within our manufacturing process.”

M.C., Energy Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we work with a large number of pharmaceutical companies in many global locations. Our sophisticated analytics provide the data you need when you need it across all departments such as R&D, formulation, manufacturing, offices and warehouses. We provide a range of managed services to a number of our pharma customers and understand the process, pain points and solutions that are needed in this sector.

eSight® is first and foremost a powerful analytics engine that can track performance efficiency of any process for any fuel type. It has a very user friendly interface that provides a wizard driven way to handle big data en-masse with ease. Regression models that provide dynamic targeting can be applied across a portfolio with ease and 1000 alarms can be applied via a wizard in minutes.

We have a function in eSight® that allows creation of calculated/virtual meters. This provides a “meter” in the tree structure that can be charted etc. The feeds can be from multiple sources and any type of formula can be applied just as you would in excel.

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