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eSight® is already engaged by food and drink sector companies around the world. We understand the challenges and opportunities of energy management in this sector; from the energy intensity and carbon emission mandates through to how the challenges differ across global site locations. With good energy management and increased efficiency managed through eSight®, consumption can be significantly reduced and have a huge positive impact on your bottom line.

How is energy used in the food/drink industry?

Why is eSight® the perfect energy management solution for the Food and Drink Sector?

energy analysis

Analyze usage and identify waste with eSight®’s highly evolved and focused analytics. Share information by area, process, shift, and more for flexible informative and actionable reporting.

Integrate and
centralize data

Integrate with existing systems (Industrial IoT / SCADA, BMS etc.) and replicate internal infrastructures to monitor the energy performance of different stages of the production process.

Globalized product

Centralize and manage global data from one central system with eSight’s multi-lingual, multi-currency capabilities.

and standards

Use eSight® to meet energy-related legislation and standards (ISO 50001, ESOS etc.).

analytic techniques

Using sophisticated analytic techniques such as Regression Modeling, eSight® can model and forecast the expected consumption of each process, taking into account up to 20 variable factors.

Aggregate and display focused information

Use eSight’s different dashboards to provide access to tailored and focused data dependent on user type and level across your business.

eSight® provides automatic Monitoring and Targeting solution to major food manufacturing company

The solution enabled to:

“It was a pleasure dealing with eSight® Energy; a seamless partnership delivering on time and to budget.”

K. Roberts, Site Services & Contracts Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the process area we typically monitor mixing, filtration, packaging and cooking. We also usually monitor refrigeration, freezing and HVAC in cold supply. The other key measurements monitored are compressed air, motors, ventilation, lighting and pumps.

eSight® is an extremely comprehensive platform that provides a way to ingest, store and visualize consumption data for any type of utility along with production data for food/beverage produced. This is then used to perform calculations that measure if your processes are running efficiently. We can implement dynamic targets across the plant that normalize data for production, active hours and weather etc to ensure that each step of your manufacturing process meets expectations.

Yes, facilities dashboards can be used for quickly viewing key information on screens located by the operative. The data can be displayed as gauges, charts and widgets.

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