Utility Bill Management Software

When it comes to making energy-related cost savings, often the quickest return can be found by identifying overcharged bills from your supplier.  eSight’s Bill Verification capabilities allow supplier data and charges to be compared against the actual consumption values from your meter data, so you can easily calculate any discrepancies.

Input Bill Data

All elements of an energy bill can be inputted into eSight, including fuel type, supplier information, unit charges and taxes, to ensure an accurate comparison against the bill total. Keep an audit of your paper bills and documents by adding notes and attachments to the bill entry.

Use eSight’s dynamic import functionality to automatically import bill data from a .CSV file.

Verify Bill Totals

To verify the total bill amount, eSight compares the bill calculations against the expected values based on the relevant charges and the actual consumption from the given meter. Any discrepancies are clearly highlighted, allowing you to investigate any overcharging with your supplier.

Analyse Bill Data

Provide further evidence to your supplier with eSight’s Utility Bill Analysis, which allows you to gain a detailed view of your bill information and visually present any variances. The Bill Analysis allows you to identify cost trends over a given timescale, and run comparisons against previous billing periods.


  • Save costs by avoiding being overcharged by your energy supplier

  • Import bill information including all fuel types and charges for accurate verification

  • Provide evidence of bill variances with Utility Bill Analysis

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