Tenant Management & Billing Software

Tenant Billing has been designed to provide users with the ability to automatically manage the complete process of calculating energy consumption and billing sub-tenants across one or more sites. Whether you are a commercial property owner, facilities management company or simply have the need to bill tenant within your organisation, eSight tenant billing provides a robust solution.

Automatically import Tenant data

Tenant related data including supplier contracts and meter data can be quickly imported into eSight. This then allows the property owner to apply this information to the relevant tenants across one or more sites. Searching data has never been easier, multiple meters can be assigned to a tenant and billing information can therefore be sorted and searched for by both tenant and date.

Bill Multiple Tenants

Billing multiple tenants can be a complex process, especially across different billing periods, however this module assists in making this process extremely easy and worry free. Tenant groups can be created in order to bill numerous tenants in one go. This format also allows for apportionment billing, meaning bills are based on a portion of the incoming supplier invoice. You can also add an additional charge to the bill, for example this may be used for a late payment fee.

Create, distribute and track bills fromĀ one place

All bills are generated in a pdf format, ready for distribution to individual tenants or groups of tenants within a property. A full historical record of outstanding and paid bills is stored within eSight to provide a full trail of bills for the property owner to revert to. Bills can also be re-raised if there is an error to ensure the correct information is delivered to the tenant. Part bills can likewise be raised for example if a tenant moves out mid-month and needs a bill for their time in the property- it can be raised for the beginning of the month until a said date. Tenant Bills can be branded with the logo of the property owner, for clear recognition.

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  • Simplify the process of billing tenants with automated bill creation and distribution

  • Create accurate bills based on actual consumption data directly from the meter

  • Track raised, paid and historical bills in a single system for easy management


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