Corporate Energy Policy Tracking Software

Once you have an understanding of how your business consumes energy, where do you act or invest to reduce that consumption? eSight’s Project Tracking module enables you to assess which actions will achieve the best return on investment over a given time period, so you can be confident in the projects to implement.

eSight’s Project Tracking module allows you to achieve energy goals by setting targets, analysing energy opportunities, monitoring progress and verifying savings, all in one intuitive dashboard. This module allows users to follow a simple and concise workflow in an extremely easy-to-follow interface, providing a clear visual representation of the project life cycle.

Define Energy Policy

Project Tracking is a critical tool for project decision makers as it allows users to set high-level energy savings targets and define, analyse and select energy saving opportunities to achieve the target. Policies can be anything relatable to energy usage such as “Save 25% of cost over the next 5 years”, with opportunities ranging from upgrading equipment to investing in energy engagement initiatives.

Analyse Energy Saving Opportunities

Assess the feasibility of each opportunity to avoid wasted investment through the Opportunity Analysis graphs, displayed as a customisable bubble chart from which users can clearly identify the projects that will result in the highest return on investment over a given time period.

Verify Savings

As you complete projects, confirm that you’ve made the forecasted savings with in-built verification according to the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP).

Large project portfolios can be easily managed with a progress chart tracking each stage of implementation, from funding to completion.


  • Create energy saving goals

  • Track your progress

  • View your progress on multiple styled graphs

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