Energy Monitoring Dashboard Software

Dashboards display energy-related data in an engaging, graphical format to simplify energy monitoring and present key information at a glance. From quickly highlighting exceptions and trends in energy data, to simplifying the navigation of multiple site locations into one graphical interactive screen, a user can design their own dashboard to support their responsibilities and focus their efforts.

eSight Dashboards are presented in three different forms; ENVI, Map Navigation and Facilities Dashboard (included as part of the Energy Analysis module).

eSight ENVI

The ENVI (Energy Visualisation) dashboard brings you the latest dashboard technology in an interface that is perfect for display in public areas, but also highly functional so it can be used from a PC or tablet to drill into key energy data. ENVI is perfect for public display as its intuitive interface is easy to use, engaging and interactive. This dashboard allows users to toggle through meters, sites, usage, savings and carbon emissions data to ensure to easily track performance.

Watch a short demo video of ENVI at the end of this page

Map Navigation

eSight uses mapping technology to enable users to easily navigate between corporate sites and buildings in a user-friendly, visual format. Users can save locations as a dropped pin and zoom in to individual sites at the click of a button.

Map Navigation can be used to create map views across your entire property portfolio, whether that’s across global sites or on a single campus. View alarms and scaled consumption bubbles to quickly identify the highest consuming sites.

Facilities Dashboards

Facilities Dashboards are a user specific visualisation of data at a more detailed level. You choose what you want to display on Facilities Dashboards with customisable layouts and content- configure anything from graphical meter gauges and alarms to energy analysis graphs and webpages. Multiple dashboards can be set up and update regularly to allow the user to monitor energy performance at a glance.


  • Intuitive dashboards engage all audiences in energy management

  • Maps are ideal for navigating through multiple sites and buildings

  • Facilities Dashboards present actionable information

  • All dashboards are 100% web based and can be accessed via any browser

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