eSight® Energy to speak at EBC Symposium in September

15 Jul 2016

eSight® Energy are due to discuss energy in the brewing sector at the EBC Symposium in Poland this year.

The event in September will bring together the brewing sector and its associated stakeholders for 2 days. The topic for this year’s Symposium is Modern Brewhouse technologies which will allow eSight® to showcase their innovative energy management solutions for breweries.

Brewing processes are energy and water intensive therefore it is more important than ever to reduce utility usage. As a global industry, there are numerous multi-national companies, as well as thousands of smaller producers, who could benefit from eSight’s energy management solutions.

eSight® is able to integrate with existing brewing systems and replicate internal infrastructures to accurately monitor the energy performance of different stages of the brewing process. As well as this the software provides sophisticated analysis techniques to forecast the expected consumption of each process and displays this information on multiple dashboards to allow energy performance to be continuously monitored.

An understanding of the brewing industry is imperative to providing effective energy management and eSight® Energy have that knowledge. From the Brewhouse to the Cooling and Packaging areas, the ability to identify efficiencies in these high consuming areas can have a huge impact on bottom-line costs.

To find out more about the event visit: 

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