eSight® Energy recognised in Europe’s largest business competition

12 Sep 2016

eSight® energy has been named a National Champion for the UK in the European Business Awards [EBA], Europe’s largest business competition celebrating business excellence and best practice in the business community.

Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, eSight® Energy is a global organisation that develops the leading energy management software platform, eSight®.

eSight® provides an extensive range of techniques for managing all aspects of energy data effectively. It delivers the ability for data to be automatically imported into eSight® from practically any device or system, bringing all energy data and reporting tools together into one application, which can be accessed from anywhere across the globe in a variety of languages.

The software offers a wide range of analytic techniques including; degree day analysis, specific energy consumption, baseload analysis, regression analysis and CUSUM for monitoring and targeting. Alongside this analysis, features including energy alarms, project tracking and bill verification ensure that eSight® really provides companies with all the tools needed to dramatically reduce energy consumption by up to 30%. Available in two versions, and incredibly flexible, eSight® is perfect for virtually every company size and sector.

eSight® Energy has earned the National Champion status through it’s innovative new energy dashboard product, eSight® ENVI. The latest in dashboard technology, ENVI provides companies with an interface that is attractive and perfect for display in public areas to encourage engagement in energy efficiency and promote performance. Highly intuitive and interactive, ENVI can also be used from a PC or tablet to really dive into key energy data from anywhere! It gives users the ability to display energy graphs for selected sites and easily switch between utilities, periods and units at the click of a button.

These pioneering technology products are teamed with a range of energy services offerings including energy surveys, energy audits, metering surveys and consultancy; eSight® Energy partners with customers to provide a complete and ongoing energy management solution.

Moving into the second stage of the competition after being evaluated on innovation, ethics and success; EBA’s core values by an independent panel, eSight® Energy will now be required to make their own presentation video, highlighting their story and explaining their business success.

The videos will be hosted on the European Business Awards website for a two stage public vote, the votes determining which company will become their country’s ‘National Public Champion’. Last year over 227,000 votes were cast as companies were supported globally by their clients, staff and peers as well as the general public.

The Awards’ core purpose is to encourage the development of a stronger, more successful business community within Europe. This has been supported by lead sponsor RSM as well as UK Trade and investment, ELITE and PR newsletter.

Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European Business Awards said: “Congratulations to eSight® Energy who have been selected to represent their country as National Champions. They are central to the success of Europe’s strong business community, and have shown the core principles we look for of innovation, ethics and success.”

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