eSight® Energy provide a complete energy management solution

04 May 2016

The term ‘energy management’ can often be confusing, as it is widely used to cover a range of products and services which offer various methods to achieve the same goal. Each solution has its own merit, but can be even more powerful when implemented as a complete solution which can achieve savings, and importantly, maintain them.

In order to achieve effective energy management, it’s first of all important to assess existing performance and infrastructure. eSight® Consult from eSight® Energy is a service which ensures companies make the right energy policy decisions for their organisation. Their experienced team advise on how to improve efficiency and how to achieve the quickest return on investment. Energy Audits are a main part of eSight® consult and comprehensively map the actual energy consumers within processes or buildings. As part of an Energy Audit, eSight® will gather all available energy data relating to utilities and use this to create a systematic survey of the facilities including an investigation of the main areas of energy usage at site level. From this, specific energy consumers (e.g. chiller, boiler) can be identified in order to offer significant savings. The data is then analysed to highlight base load profiles and benchmarking, process variables and degree day interactions. All of these findings are finally handed over to the customer in a report format detailing the energy savings opportunities and to help them understand their infrastructure.

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