The Importance of Real-time Energy Data Monitoring

How can real-time energy data & monitoring improve utility management? Real-time energy data is a key metric for an energy management program to be successful. With live data being collected, the question becomes how to organize and review it. This is especially critical for organizations that are balancing a variety of business operations. Being able […]

The Data You Need to Report on Your Energy Saving Targets

The correlation between data and energy saving targets Reporting on your energy saving targets is a vital part of any effort to increase energy efficiency in your business. The process involves collecting and analyzing large amounts of data to uncover actionable steps to decrease energy consumption. But how do you cut through the noise to […]

Reduce Energy Costs & Waste in your Commercial Building

How can facility managers reduce energy costs and waste in their commercial building? Waste management is quickly moving up the business agenda. According to statistics, the average commercial building wastes over 30% of the energy it consumes. You may not be paying much attention to the amount or types of waste your organization is producing, […]

Combatting Energy Wasters: Energy Efficient Lighting

While there are several factors that cause the average commercial building to waste over 30% of the energy it consumes, installing energy efficient lighting can provide significant and immediate energy savings. This blog outlines some of the ways to combat inefficient lighting to ensure your building is operating as efficiently as possible. What lighting system […]

How Focusing on Key Energy KPIs Helps to Reduce Energy Consumption

Having an awareness of energy usage and consumption across your entire enterprise will enable you to make data-driven decisions, reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency – but in order to get to this point, you need to focus on the most pivotal energy metrics.  Some metrics are more valuable than others and will provide […]

How Retro Commissioning Makes your Building More Energy Efficient

The Process of Improving Energy Efficiency: Retro Commissioning in Building Energy Management A key factor in building operations is the process of recommissioning a building’s current systems and equipment to improve its overall efficiency. Whether efficiency is down due to pre-existing issues in the building or old equipment, retro-commissioning often resolves these problems with minimal […]

How Power Factor Impacts your Energy Saving Plan

How Does a Lagging Power Factor Affect Your Energy Costs? When evaluating the performance of a building, the main goal is always to reduce energy consumption and costs wherever possible. However, one aspect that is often overlooked in this process is the power factor. Power factor relates to usage of power drawn into a building, […]

A Guide for Commercial Building Operators

Top energy management tips for multi-site organizations For organizations that operate multiple commercial buildings, getting a top-level view of performance group-wide is fundamental and conducive to the success of any energy reduction strategy. Of course, enterprise-wide visibility is a challenge for many organizations across the globe – often because of different commercial buildings using different […]

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