What are the Benefits of an Energy Management System?

An energy management system (EMS) is an automated system that collects data and compiles it into an user friendly application. The goal of an energy management system is to bring disparate data into one interface, which can then be used to perform analysis, detect anomalies, manage utility bills and ultimately identify opportunities for lower consumption, […]

Building Energy Monitoring: How to Achieve Efficient Energy Monitoring

Top energy management tips for multi-site organizations For organizations that operate multiple commercial buildings, getting a top-level view of performance group-wide is fundamental and conducive to the success of any energy reduction strategy. Of course, enterprise-wide visibility is a challenge for many organizations across the globe – often because of different commercial buildings using different […]

Energy Standards: 5 Ways to Conserve Energy in your Commercial Building

If you manage a commercial building, ensuring it meets the relevant energy efficiency standards is crucial. Energy standards such as IPMVP (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol) and ASHRAE  (the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) can help in this regard. Utilizing these standards will not only help you to avoid the hefty fines associated with […]

Why Energy Management Software is Fundamental for your Business

What is Energy Management Software? Energy Management Software (EMS) is a central tool for businesses looking to reduce their energy usage and costs. An EMS is comprised of cost savings and energy usage analytics, dashboards and data collection tools that help businesses collect energy intelligence to make data-driven energy management decisions. An EMS is fundamental […]

Commercial Building Energy Management

How to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Commercial Building

Many organizations in the commercial sector place a high priority on environmental stewardship and responsibility. These organizations understand the vital importance of energy regulations and proper energy utilization, as well as the fact that tenants want to be in a sustainable, efficient, and operationally excellent building. In addition to the above, they must also take […]

The smart way to manage your commercial buildings during lockdown

Managing energy consumption in empty or reduced occupancy buildings during COVID-19 lockdown The COVID 19 pandemic has presented extraordinary challenges that were hard to imagine just a few months ago. With businesses instructed to comply with social distancing measures and where possible, instruct employees to work from home, there are now swathes of offices, shops, […]

The Top 10 Features of an Energy Management System

What is an Energy Management System? An energy management system should be an all-encompassing tool for organizations to streamline energy management tasks. It should help businesses analyze their energy usage, identify wastage and facilitate the implementation of energy reduction measures; saving money while managing their environmental responsibilities. However, an energy management system is responsible for […]

Utilizing Energy Data to Achieve Corporate Sustainability Goals

When it comes to driving corporate sustainability, a key factor, and major hurdle to overcome, is having the tools to efficiently target and measure performance.Targeting, firstly, revolves around the relationship between energy consumption and relevant driving factors, such as production outputs and weather. This relationship is then analyzed and used to create a baseline. A […]

Dealing with Changing Industrial Energy Management Priorities

Industrial Energy Management: A Short Guide for Engineering Managers One of the main challenges Engineering Managers face in the product development life-cycle is the introduction of new corporate sustainability goals. As Engineering Managers are principally concerned with product development, when new energy reduction policies are put into place – beckoning a change in industrial energy […]

Four Signs You Need to Invest in an Energy Management System

Cutting Costs and Improving Energy Efficiency with an Energy Management System Looking for a simpler way to consolidate utility and energy data, as well as track energy performance? It might be time to invest in an energy management system (EMS). Whether you need to cut costs, go green, achieve compliance with energy efficiency directives or […]

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