eSight® is a natural choice for ESCO and Facility Management organizations. The industries most powerful analytics engine combined with carbon reporting capabilities, dashboarding and the ease of proving savings go hand in hand with managing your clients end to end utility microgrid requirements. Solar production and battery storage along with any other data type are accommodated.

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How is energy used in Facilities Management?

eSight® for Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)

Full transparency

ESCOs can manage data for multiple clients through eSight®, with full transparency via automated reporting, custom branded user access and dashboard options and keep the finger on your power purchasing agreements (PPA) and energy performance contracts (EPC)

Savings Reporting

Track energy savings, ROI and energy performance against usage, cost or carbon through eSight’s extensive analyses and reporting capabilities. Monitor projects, verify renewable energy performance and meet energy-related legislation and standards (ISO 50001, ESOS, Netzero).

Highly flexible solution

Highly evolved off-the-shelf software that has been designed to be highly configurable and customizable. Meet the needs of your business with tailored reporting, dashboards and more.

Easily identify the cost per site

eSight® Flexible analytics allows you to create your own charts based on forecasts, portfolio aggregated analysis, linear regressions, consumption vs temperature chart.

Green house gas reporting

eSight® is able to convert energy data of all fuel types into carbon equivalents, with the reporting capabilities to calculate emissions by site, building or meter. In order to comply with legislation such as the EU led Greenhouse Gas Emission Scheme, you can use eSight® to run specific reports which break down emissions by fuel type and calculate total CO2e output. There’s also the option to convert consumption data to carbon values in any eSight® analysis graph, and run comparisons as per any other fuel type.

ENGIE chooses eSight® as their energy data platform, accessed by clients


ENGIE uses eSight® as the solution to have a complete web-based architecture, individual profiles, and scalability. They required a system that would be customizable and comprehensive covering a multitude of analyses. With many clients requesting access to energy data on a regular basis, ENGIE identified the need for an energy management suite. Customers would be able to view energy data thus allowing full autonomy of energy management.

“Under the branding of energYse, we offer eSight® in its two forms to our customers. This gives a broad range of capabilities to users and helps us to differentiate our offer in the market”

Andy Cooper, Head of Sales

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide an MSP (managed service provider) model for managing customers. This allows the ESCO to set up one instance of the software and connect multiple customers. Each customer only sees their own data when they login but the ESCO can see all of the data. Each customer can be configured to a very granular level in terms of functionality, language and currency. The system is very flexible in terms of switching on or off functionality for various customers.

Yes, the software can be white labelled to your requirements to include company name, product name, colour schemes, pictures etc. Both in the software and on reports/tenant bills. Multi-user branding is also available on shared systems providing customized branding for each of your customers.

No, as long as you have the data we can create a meter type in eSight to handle it. As an example we can monitor CHP, Oil tanks, engines, generators, solar, battery storage, waste, landfill, recycling, flow, steam, pressure, solvents, heat, refrigerants, biomass and water. We also provide calculated/virtual meter capability to create calculated values from almost any formula.

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