Energy analysis

Offering an expansive array of sophisticated, targeted and interactive analyses, eSight® helps you manage energy on your terms.

Interactive, focused energy management

Tailored Interactive Analysis

eSight® offers a huge array of analytics techniques for management of energy that cater across a wide range of sectors. Interactive analyses enable you to drill down, rollup, convert to Co2 or cost and more. Share information in system, on dashboards or via email.

Custom Reporting

Access eSight’s report library, use our dynamic reporting tool to easily build your own reports in-system, or have a report custom built by our team for you – there are no limitations on what we can do!

High Performance (drilldown/rollup)

eSight® works with many large, global organizations who manage big data sets, often billions of records. Our system has been designed to process vast amounts of data in milliseconds. Meaning you get what you need, fast. No matter how much data you are processing.

Establish an accurate baseline

Create a realistic energy baseline which serves as a standard against which future changes in energy performance are gauged. eSight’s powerful analysis tools provide you with the most accurate energy baseline by taking into account up to 20 variable factors that may affect energy consumption, such as production output, occupancy, time of year, temperature etc. With this established, you can be fully confident in your forecasting and reporting of savings.

Identify energy saving opportunities

eSight® visualizes energy consumption to clearly identify inefficiencies. Graphs such as the surface mapping of a single meter enable you to quickly recognize and react to unusual consumption, while tools such as Baseload Analysis highlight the energy being wasted during out-of-hours periods. Features such as KPI Ranking, which ranks sites and departments by their performance, can determine where action needs to be taken by highlighting the less efficient sites.

Monitor progress

Identify energy savings opportunities and take action to achieve results. eSight enables you to track progress over time to determine savings made in terms of usage, cost or carbon. Once a change has been implemented you can use tools within eSight to monitor your performance against a baseline and prevent deviations or slip-back.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We have an extremely extensive capability for analysis to include the following types, roll up reporting, electricity analysis, performance efficiency, baseload analysis, benchmarking, trend line (four data types on one chart), surface map analysis, load duration curve, production data from manufacturing and energy against outside temperature.

This part of the software allows a user to easily set up predictive usage targets to monitor the performance efficiency of plant such as boilers, chillers, air handlers and much more. We have MVLR (Multi-Variable Linear Regression) which allows up to 20 variables per calculation, CUSUM (Cumulative sum of deviation from target), SEC (Specific Energy Consumption), deviation and target line analysis.

Yes, this function is available. You can feed weather data in from your own sensors or use our weather service. Our weather service can feed in the following measurements for each of your sites every hour. For temperature we have dry bulb and wet bulb, relative humidity, degree days (heating and cooling with ability to set base temp), direct normal irradiance, global horizontal irradiance, diffuse horizontal irradiance, solar radiation and sun hours.

You can select the exact start and end time or use periods, select the interval i.e. 15min, hourly, daily, monthly, select the graph type, add climate adjustment, view as cumulative or non-cumulative, look at the sum-average-peak-min, compare to a different date, apply an overlay line (such as a target), aggregate by unit type and have the output as consumption, cost, CO2, CO2E, revenue or blended rates.

Choose from line, bar, stacked bar, pie, area, spline, area spline or donut as standard plus we have many more specialist energy specific templates in the system.


You can view on screen, PDF graph or table, PNG, CSV, XLS.

Yes, these can be save and used in three ways. They can be added to a dashboard, automatically scheduled to be emailed to users or saved in the templates section for other users.

Yes, you can point and click to zoom in and out of intervals on the charts. You can also drag your mouse over to magnify and change time periods being viewed.

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