Data collection

eSight® is hardware agnostic and can collect data from any data source. We work with energy, cost, carbon, production and “other” data sets for management and analysis, providing you with centralization of all related data. As long as the data exists somewhere, we can collect it.

One unified interface for all your systems

Over 200 integrations in 20 years makes for a painless customer experience when it comes to:

Data collection

With your energy or other related data typically residing in many different locations, systems and formats, you could have data in spreadsheets, BMS systems, historians, IoT devices/systems, SCADA, paper bills or smart metering software and logging systems, production systems and more. eSight® helps bring all of your relevant data into a single, centralized solution for comprehensive management of all your data in one place.

Data quality

We understand from working with clients worldwide, that data quality is often a big issue. Often there are gaps, spikes, rollovers, errors of various sorts and that both identifying and correcting this can be a job in itself. eSight® provides tools that not only facilitate data collection but also help you automate correction of issues. The data quality toolkit enables you to see data issues and manage them in bulk.

Any system, any location, any format

Forget about data integration problems. eSight® includes a vast array of drivers and integration methods for data collection from virtually any system, format or database globally. 

Energy Related Data

eSight® enables you to store all data related to your energy project. Whether it is energy, cost, carbon, production data, weather data. Or simply information about the building envelope, occupancy etc. eSight® can accommodate it all.

Manage data quality

Use tools contained within eSight® to detect and manage erroneous data. Autofill, adjust and manage complex issues with timestamps automatically, with raw data never amended for data accountability.

"RSP Systems is in the Microgrid business and is a provider of Capstone Microturbines as well as other Energy Efficiency Equipment. We selected eSight® Energy several years ago as a Data Storage and Dashboard provider to allow our customers to keep track of key metrics. eSight® has proven to be very reliable, functional, and easy to use. Our customers appreciate having the ability to view data, monitor performance, and provide reports for the executives and board members to review energy usage and to allow them to evaluate their facilities performance. eSight® is a company that I would recommend to anyone looking for a visual and data driven monitoring solution. ”
Vince Zardus
Director of Service, RSP Systems

Connect to IoT (Internet of Things)

Receive data from Internet of Things (IoT) devices and systems capable of pushing data by HTTP post (in JSON, XML, or CSV format).

Within eSight® users can point IoT devices to a uniquely generated URL. eSight® will listen for a data payload, then the user maps out the components of the payload to eSight® fields. This functionality creates a massive range of new integrations possibilities. When IoT Imports is paired with integration frameworks like Microsoft Flow, Zapier and IFTT there are nearly limitless integration possibilities.


oBIX- seamless integration

Connect directly with oBIX enabled devices such as Tridium Niagara BAS controls and other oBIX enabled systems. The eSight® interface for setting up oBIX data imports consists of an intuitive, wizard-driven method that leads users through a simple step-by-step setup process. eSight® oBIX connectivity has been designed to be able to process large amounts of data virtually instantaneously.


Intuitive data import

eSight® Intelligent Data Collector (iDC) service maximizes data throughput for maximum flexibility and ease-of-use where there is no method of transferring data to the eSight® system. Through a locally installed eSight® iDC service, data is automatically collected from many different sources (including monitoring for files in a folder, Modbus TCP/IP and OPC HDA) and imported directly into eSight®. Full control of all iDC services is done using the central eSight® web interface.

eSight® system architecture key data drivers and integrations

eSight® for Excel

Instantaneously exchange energy data from eSight® to Excel in a way that’s most comfortable and familiar to you. With the power of eSight® for Excel, you can instantly download company, site, meter information and data and other key information directly from eSight® to Excel. The intuitive interface makes retrieving the data you need, an extremely quick and easy task.

eSight® App

Streamlined meter reading – even offline

Scan the QR code fixed on the meter and the meter reading form will open. Capture the reading through the mobile meter reading app and hit the submit button. Even offline the data captured will be transferred to eSight® as soon as an online connection becomes available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The main data that we import is interval data for consumption of utilities. The main 3 utilities being electricity, natural gas and water. We can also import total consumption and cost for the month from utility suppliers. We can import 2 types of production data i.e. 1) how many widgets manufactured. 2) production of solar and wind etc. We can import weather data.

This would be half hourly in the UK market and 15 minutely in the US market and most of the rest of the world.

Yes, this is our preferred method of data import. IOT integrations can be set up with relative ease with any IOT platform or device that can send a HTTP Post of JSON payload or alternatively a CSV or XML file. This is known as an IOT channel in our product. An IOT channel is a very efficient, fast and reliable way to post data to eSight. One eSight IOT channel can handle 30 million records per hour.

Some meters have the capability to send data straight from the meter, these are usually IOT meters and use an onboard web server to transmit data. Other submeters generally need to connect to an intermediate device to that can export the data to eSight. This could be a data logger, a building control system, a PLC, a historian or an OPC server. We can also take interval data from some utility companies via an API.

No, we have an open protocol system. We are a not a hardware supplier and so have developed over 200 integrations to be able to import data from almost any system.


No, we will only need to import the data that is relevant. Energy management software like eSight mainly monitors consumption. Typically, levels of monitoring such as volts, amps, I/O information from historians, or SCADA systems are not recommended for inclusion in the system. As a rule of thumb we usually only need 5-10% of the tags in a control system.

Our preferred OPC format is HDA as data quality is better.

Yes, eSight® has an integration with Tridium that allows you to create a permanent map to stream data. This can be minutely data every minute if required. We use the Obix driver for this so Obix must be installed and Obix histories must be enabled.

Yes, we can provide RESTful web services documentation to your developers so that you can build API’s to any other systems, alternatively we can provide a cost for building API’s for you.

Yes, eSight can talk directly to Modbus TCP/IP meters with no need to use an intermediate device like a data logger.

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