Energy Dashboards

eSight® doesn’t just offer “pretty” energy management dashboards, we offer the full power of eSight® behind consolidated, meaningful data. 

Powerful energy management dashboards for users wanting real features

Dashboards display energy-related data in an engaging, graphical format to simplify energy monitoring and present key information at a glance. From quickly highlighting exceptions and trends in energy data, to simplifying the navigation of multiple site locations into one graphical interactive screen, a user can design their own dashboard to support their responsibilities and focus their efforts.

Public display

Showcase your energy usage in a way that is meaningful and engaging to the wider audience. Tailor and brand your energy dashboard for a stunning visual experience that can be shared across your organization.

Technical usage

Save time searching for energy data that is in different places, by aggregating it all onto a dashboard. Use eSight’s technical dashboards for those involved in the energy saving process, to have fast access to critical data instantaneously.

Map Navigation

View energy consumption, alarms and access critical data across multiple sites through eSight’s map technology. Ideal for multi-site or global organizations who need to instantly visualize energy data and spot any anomalies or alarms on one screen.

Unrivaled customization

View key energy data that fits your energy management needs. The grid-based layout enables you to drag and drop items on to the dashboard such as widgets, charts, tables, websites, gauges and numeric displays anywhere on the page. They can be resized and formatted in any position and enable you to specify a data source such as Meter Data, Alarms, Data Quality and Analysis. Seven different color schemes including dark and light be customised to fit your corporate branding.

Central configuration

eSight® reduces repetitive and time-consuming configuration of dashboards on mass. Individual dashboard creation for every user is a thing of the past. Configure your energy management dashboards at the master level with the ability to drill down into different companies, meters and time periods in global settings at the click of a button. This means you can use the preconfigured dashboards, keep the same widgets and layout but can change the data source feeding into the dashboard.

Map navigation

eSight® uses mapping technology to enable users to easily navigate between corporate sites and buildings in a user-friendly, visual format. Users can save locations as a dropped pin and zoom in to individual sites at the click of a button. Map Navigation can be used to create map views across your entire property portfolio, whether that’s across global sites or on a single campus. View alarms and scaled consumption bubbles to quickly identify the highest consuming sites.

Stunning interactive energy dashboards with eSight® ENVI

The ENVI (ENergy VIsualization) dashboard brings you the latest interactive dashboard technology in an interface that is perfect for display in public areas, but also highly functional so it can be used from a PC or tablet to drill into key energy data.

eSight® ENVI intuitive interface is easy to use, engaging and interactive. It allows users to toggle through meters, sites, usage, savings and carbon emissions data and easily track performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have two types of dashboard available. FM (Facilities Management) dashboard is used by energy managers/data analysts to monitor granular data such as HVAC, lighting, chillers, boilers, production lines and any plant equipment etc. In comparison our ENVI (Energy Visualization) dashboard is designed for a lobby or to be a published URL to display whole building usage of up to 6 fuel types of your choice on whole building usage for staff, visitors, students or public.

FM dashboard can handle a unlimited number of buildings per dashboard and allows drill down with our global setting feature from the whole organization usage to site, building or meter level, displayed in the same format by adjusting the path. ENVI dashboard can display up to 60 buildings per dashboard and allows locations to be selected by clicking on a building picture or a building on a map.

Yes, both dashboards are mobile friendly.

Yes, ENVI is often used to display solar generation data and things like recycling and waste.

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