We understand the brewing process and the energy intensive stages within it. From the brewhouse to the cooling and packaging stages, the ability to identify efficiencies in these high consuming areas can have a huge impact on bottom-line costs.

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Integrate and
centralize data

Integrate with a range of equipment including Industrial IoT, SCADA or other systems to centralize data and replicate internal infrastructures. Accurately monitor energy performance through the brew process.


Modeling and

Using techniques such as Regression Modelling, eSight® can forecast the expected consumption of each process, taking into account up to 20 independent variables (Production, Temperature etc.).


Key performance

Develop production, industry standard or custom Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to compare across all sites and identify poor performance.

Alarming users on

eSight® alarms users when consumption is outside of the expected usage or outside of set KPIs, allowing staff to investigate and take action.

Dynamic analysis

Dynamic analysis graphs can be displayed on multiple dashboards to allow energy performance to be continuously monitored.

Dashboards for

Aggregate key information onto dashboards for users, providing instant access to what matters.

Easily monitor the amount in Hectoliters of beer produced at each brewery globally.

Brewers have achieved huge savings


“eSight® has enabled us to visualise and measure our utility usage against production in a way which was not previously possible; the benefits of integrating eSight® into our process have been invaluable”.

Paul Harris & Gary Parker

Site Energy Centre Manager & Continuous Improvement Manager, Carlsberg UK

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the brewing process we usually monitor cold wort and hot wort for production. For consumption we can monitor raw and treated water, steam, electricity, C02 and compressed air.

In packaging we usually monitor total product packaged for production. For consumption we can monitor raw and treated water, steam, electricity, C02 and compressed air.

In utilities we usually monitor different fuel use, purchased electricity, generated electricity, generated steam, generated biogas, generated compressed air, C02 and boiler make up water for production. For efficiency indicators we typically monitor COP for the refrigeration plant, boiler make water percentage and power factor.

Typically we report on how much gas, electricity and water is used per unit of beer or FMB produced.

Our experienced energy solutions consultants can assist and guide you through this process.

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