Food & Drink Business Europe, Engineering & Processing Summit 2017 Request Demo

Please join our Business Development Director, Dean Noden, for a presentation on Energy Management in Food and Drinks.


Event: Food & Drink Business Europe, Engineering & Processing Summit 2017


Location: Ricoh Arena, Judds Lane, Coventry CV6 6GE


Title of Speaking Slot: Energy Management in Food and Drinks


About the Speaking Slot: In the ‘Food and Drinks’ Industry there are a multitude of energy saving opportunities such as 1) process measurement and control; where better controlled process can reduce consumption, and 2) distillation, drying and evaporation where waste heat recovery can contribute to reduced energy costs. To identify and monitor such energy saving opportunities energy management software will need to meet specific requirements. In this presentation, we will explore other such opportunities and the those key requirements needed for an Energy Management System including: project tracking and ROI, integration into existing infrastructure, analysis tools, top-down reporting and exception based alarms.


Date: November 7, 2017

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