Anomaly detection

Detect the unexpected with the eSight® rules engine. An extensive set of alarms can be configured en-masse to notify of faults, leaks, oversights and problems before it is too late.

Why set energy alarms?

Maximize asset value

The optimization opportunities of early detection of equipment faults can significantly reduce wear and tear on costly assets and prolong equipment life.

Reduce energy cost

Detect, diagnose and quantify energy waste by systematically pinpointing the root cause of faults and inefficiencies. Identify new energy optimization opportunities to harness additional cost savings.

Visualization and

Once alarms are triggered chart current and past performance and visualize anomalies.

Anomaly detection

Taking action

Each alarm can be acknowledged to indicate that it has been seen and action has been taken by the user.

Corrective action notes can be saved against raised alarms to be used when responding to future triggered alarms and what action took place to fix the issue previously.

Alarm configuration wizard

The rules-based engine allows easy setting up of alarms. The user is presented with 4 step wizard which guides the user through the alarm configuration. When editing a configuration, the user can skip to a desired step by clicking the step icon in the left-hand menu.

Rich user interface

Alarms are configured, viewed, acknowledged and managed via the alarms dashboard which provides a sleek graphically rich navigation experience. Alarms can be created en-masse with an intuitive wizard.

Alarm forwarding

Alarms may be setup to be raised as a record within eSight® or to be automatically sent to assigned users via email. Alarms can be forwarded on a site by site basis based on the day of the week, time of day, and severity of the alarm. The Exception Reporting Module ensures that users receive crucial information as it happens, not after the event when it is often too late.

View alarm

Using Map Navigation, users can quickly and easily react to abnormal energy use with visual alarm notifications. On the map, red alarm bells appear on the sites where consumption has exceeded acceptable limits or data is missing, allowing users to quickly identify and respond to issues.

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