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eSight® provides a comprehensive and proven solution to manage, monitor and reduce energy consumption in the Aerospace and Automotive sector.

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How is energy used in vehicle manufacturing?

Set and achieve energy saving targets with eSight®

Highly evolved
energy analysis

Analyse energy usage and target waste with sophisticated and powerful analytics & in-product intelligence.

Integrate with
existing systems

Centralize disparate data. Integrate with existing systems (OPC, SCADA etc), and organize data to track usage throughout the manufacturing process.

target setting

Establish an accurate baseline taking into account any variables that may affect consumption, such as outside temperature, production output etc. for achievable target setting.

project tracking

Highlight, calculate and verify energy saving opportunities with comprehensive project tracking functionality.

Fast issue

Quickly detect issues such as water leaks or equipment failure using the rules engine, including range, average and profile rule types. Automatically clean and fill bad data for increased reliability.


Encourage staff engagement with interactive, informative dashboards to monitor progress by site, building or department.

Global multilingual

Connect global locations via one central system with eSight’s globalized functionality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. eSight customers that manufacture import all of their utility data such as electricity, gas and water as essential data but also include production data to produce more meaningful reports. As an example it could be the cost of electricity per aircraft, or per wing, or per seat. 

Over the years we have created integrations for our manufacturing customers that can be used for new customers, we can collect data from SCADA, PLC, Proficy Historian, OSI PI and OPC as an example. This list is not exhaustive, please contact us for more details. 

We can provide a proof of concept pilot, this allows you to have eSight consultants connect some of your key sites, using tried and tested methodology to prove the ROI and effectiveness of eSight. Our consultants will provide all of the engineering set up and guidance learned from years of experience to ensure that the success of the POC provides the building blocks for your business case. 

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